Functions at Hunters Hill Sailing Club – Frequently Asked Questions

Contact - Maureen venue@huntershillsailingclub.org.au - 0412 254 502

Holding a function at Hunters Hill Sailing Club gives you absolute control and flexibility. You can do as little or as much as you like and you can personalise the space to suit you.

The club hires the function space for the general public to support the sailing club’s activities. Approval for hirers is based on compliance with Hunter Hill Sailing Club’s standards and conditions.

We allow 18- 21st Birthday parties. Depending on the size of the celebration, one or two security guards will be required to stay for the duration of the party.

Water views: The venue overlooks Sydney Harbour, directly opposite Cockatoo Island. The city skyline and Harbour Bridge is visible from the parkland around the sailing club.


What you need to organise:

You will need to think about the following, we can assist you with any of these elements.

  • Catering
  • Beverages
  • Decorating
  • Entertainment

Catering Options: You can engage any caterer of your choice or choose our preferred supplier; Piquant Catering, Justine Nicholls justine@piquant.com.au 0407 254 240

Our Preferred Partners know the Venue well and can make pre and post-event logistics easier to manage.

Beverages Options: The Club requires that someone with an RSA licence remains in control of the bar throughout your event and that person is not one of your guests. You can;

  1. Purchase all the drinks yourself. You will need to employ a barman to run the bar. We can assist with this or your caterer can provide bar staff.
  2. Choose a food & beverage package from your caterer.
  3. Engage one of the many mobile bar services.

Decorating Options

  1. You can engage a decorator of your choice or use our preferred Partner Rebecca rebecca@fairytaleevents.com.au 0448 090 560 Rebecca can transform the hall into a magical fairyland or a very grown-up cocktail party with anything imaginable in between.
  2. Bring your own decorator
  3. DIY or combo DIY and professional decorator

The use of pins, nails, screws or staples is not permitted. Honour boards are not to be removed but can be covered. Nothing that is currently on the walls or the walls must be damaged. Any damage will be deducted from your bond.

Entertainment: Band / DJ or use the audio system and plug in a phone, mp3 player, or laptop.

We have hosted many events which have included; Children's entertainers, ball pits, kindy Gyms, photo booths, casino-style gaming, bull rides, line dancing, pool tables, giant jenga and many more.



  • The hire includes the use of the function hall and balcony (with its fabulous view of Sydney Harbour), the kitchen, and the tables and chairs. There is an inventory list of furniture on the club's website. You can hire additional tables and chairs or other items if required. Tables & chairs for up to 184 PAX. You may need to hire additional tables and chairs pending your layout and choice of furniture. The decorator can provide these. An inventory of available pieces is on the website.
  • HHSC does not set up the venue. Table set-up is either done by Renter, Caterer or Decorator. HHSC can provide staff to set up if required and there is a cost associated with this service.
  • Cleaning and Pack up of furniture at the end of your function
  • Venue cleaning
  • Removal of garbage in skip and recycling bins provided
  • Restocking bathrooms with hand towels soap and toilet paper
  • Hand Sanitiser
  • Garbage bags are not supplied. The bins will be lined with a garbage bag at the start of your hire.

Linen, plates, cutlery and glasses are not provided. The hirer provides all crockery, glassware and cutlery. Your caterer and decorator can help with this or you are welcome to source your own.

PA system: There is a PA system in the building, complete with a microphone and new state-of-the-art speakers. Music, such as from a phone, can be played through the speaker system.

Audio-visual system: There is an AV system. A screen and projector are mounted in the ceiling and are positioned to provide maximum coverage. The use of the AV system that is available attracts an additional rental fee. You will need to provide your own high-performance HDMI cable and a laptop.

Air conditioning and heating: The club is not air-conditioned. We supply do 2 large drum fans and you are welcome to hire additional fans, heaters and coolers if desired. The cover over the balcony allows guests to enjoy the view without worrying about rain or too much sun! Sliding glass doors onto the balcony also allow for a nice breeze off of the water.


Venue Access

Access to the room is normally from 9 am on the day of the function. Early access the day before can be arranged for and will attract additional rental fees.

Access to the venue is via a time & date-specific access code which is provided to you before your event.

Disabled access: There is a ramp into the building and easy access around the venue. There are no dedicated disabled toilets however we have hosted disabled events where guests have managed with the club's toilets. In addition, there is a public toilet less than 50 metres from the club entrance with disabled toilets.



Club viewings are by appointment, please email venue@huntershillsailingclub.org.au or call 0412 254 502.

There are many images of the venue, events we have hosted and the surrounding parklands and views on Instagram @huntershillsailingclub. There are also a smaller selection of images on the website.



The bond of $1500 is a safeguard for the club, to ensure people leave the hall in a suitable state and do not cause deliberate damage. If either of these events occurs, the club will deduct an amount to restore the venue’s condition from the bond. If there is no damage and the hall is left in a suitable condition, the club will refund the bond 14 days after your event subject to a condition report and reparations if required.

Bond refunds are processed 2 weeks after your event. Any deductions will be detailed in an invoice.


Cleaning and Rubbish

  • HHSC will make sure the room is in tip-top shape before the start of your function.
  • You or your caterer is responsible for cleaning the kitchen.
  • You are responsible for removing anything that can not be picked up by a vacuum cleaner.
  • The cost of the cleaning is included and is at no extra charge. It takes approximately four hours to clean the space – that is to wash floors, vacuum carpet, wipe down the bathroom, fridges and ovens. It does not include removal of rubbish, or doing a heavy clean of the kitchen or ovens. If this needs to be done, an amount will be deducted from your bond. For those small mishaps that sometimes occur during functions, there is some cleaning gear provided. Terms & conditions apply.
  • The hall must be cleared of all rubbish. If the hall needs to be cleared, and rubbish removed, the cost of this will be deducted from your bond. Most professional caterers will remove rubbish after an event, as long as you have made this arrangement with them.
  • You do not have to put away the furniture. We will clean and pack away all chairs and tables.
  • You must remove all rubbish from the premises into the large commercial bin outside.

Recycling - YES Please dispose of all plastic and glass containers in the yellow recycle bins. These bins should be left on the balcony if half full or brought down to the commercial bin if at full capacity. If there is rubbish co-mingled in the recycle bins and someone has to sort the rubbish out, a fee will be deducted from your bond. Please flatten all boxes.



There is a car park for the Clarke’s Point Reserve that accommodates 90 cars and is directly accessible to the sailing club. Parking meters are in place from 8am to 8pm. The car park is not owned or operated by the Sailing Club. There is free parking available as you approach the club.

Disabled Parking: There are several disabled car spots.


Smoking and Vaping

Smoking and or vaping is not permitted in the hall or on the upstairs balcony. This must be strictly observed. If cigarette butts are thrown off the balcony, your bond will be forfeited as we need to pay someone to clean them up. If you have smokers/vapours attending your event please direct them to the carpark area at the bottom of the entrance stairs and provide a butt bin for disposal of cigarette butts.


Noise & Music

Noise and music are to be kept to background levels outside the hall. Hirers must be considerate toward neighbours when returning to their cars or taxis.


How to make a booking

Email or phone with the following information:

  • Preferred date
  • The approximate number of guests anticipated
  • Type of event.

We will send you a quote for the full amount and an invoice for your initial payment. If you have not heard from us within three business days of your email, you can follow up with our Function Manager venue@huntershillsailingclub.org.au

Your booking is not confirmed until you’ve paid your deposit via direct deposit into the Hunters Hill Sailing Club account. Please include your surname and invoice number as a reference.

The balance of the payment is due 12 weeks before your event.

Cancellation fees do apply: Please check the hiring agreement for conditions.

•If you don't hear from us you don't have a booking;

•The event date is held only with the receipt of your deposit into the club’s bank account;

• Booking is only made when full payment is received.


Covid Restrictions

• Please refer to the official NSW Government website

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