Learn2Sail Info for Parents

Info for Parents

Our program is split into two modes of delivery, as follows:

  • "Members Only" Learn2Sail courses on Sunday mornings throughout the year,  and are run at the child's own pace, rather than by being cut into blocks; and
  • School holiday Learn2Sail Camps of 4-5 days duration.

We also run In-Term and Holiday Camps for "Tweens and Teens" that parallel the Holiday Camps described below - you can find more information about these limited place courses by searching our Events list. 

Try Sailing Programs ...

For our youngest sailors aged 7-10 years of age, we have a free sailing experience, where we have 18 slots available for a Saturday or a Sunday course of Try-Sail. Once you’ve had a go, at no expense at all, if you’d like to carry on we would welcome you to the Club as a member (with mum or dad as a member too) and you will join in with a small group of sailors just like you, learning the skills and gaining experience to ensure a life time of sailing adventures. You can register for this free sailing experience on our Events  page - noting that places are limited each month!! The full range of Try Sailing Programs is here  https://www.huntershillsailingclub.org.au/events/list/

What is Learn2Sail at Hunters Hill Sailing Club?

Our Learn2Sail program is all about skill acquisition in a fun and safe environment.  Kids don’t need to have any sailing experience and all the equipment, including the boats, is provided. We prefer children aged 7-10 years of age to take part in this program, but of course the 11 and 12 year olds are welcome as well!!  Growth spurts start to limit the course a little, but we can tailor a program to suit kids of all sizes!

The Learn2Sail Program is delivered in small groups by qualified instructors and assistant instructors.

The Learn2Sail curriculum is delivered in three levels, which we work through progressively:

The first level is Learn2Sail Rookie kids start their sailing in a dry land simulator before moving into a small plastic sailboat  They will mostly sail by themselves from their first day, though we may pair them up with a friend.  It's a great way to meet new friends and kids have the chance to sail with others in their group. Over the course of their Rookie stage sailors will also learn how to helm and crew on larger dinghies, the Club's Zests and Quests. 

The next level is Learn2Sail Momentum  The kids will sail a boat on their own with lots of support, supervision and encouragement from the Instructor and Assistant Instructors, and begin to really stretch themselves to get the boat going fast, where they want to go! There is a significant emphasis on correct technique, and the points of sail. They will also learn how to sail around a course in the larger dinghies, and develop great team work skills. 

The final level is Learn2Sail Pro This is a chance for the kids to learn how to race boats on their own, learning how to make the boat go faster and playing more games all whilst still under the guidance and support of the Instructor and Assistant Instructors. If kids are loving this stage of their sailing, then we encourage parents to buy them an Optimist dinghy to complete this last phase of Learn2Sail in, though it isn't mandatory. Our Pro sailors will also take charge of larger dinghies and enjoy sailing in company as a team. 

It is anticipated that during the first year to eighteen months at the club that each young sailor will graduate through the three levels of the program, by participating at least once at each level whether as a member at in-term Sunday classes, or via the Holiday Camps.

The fun doesn't stop when kids finish Learn2Sail - its time to buy your first boat, an Optimist Dinghy.  Hunters Hill Sailing Club has a “Transition to Green Fleet’  and “Green Fleet” programs for the kids to progress onto. Green Fleet is a type of introductory fun racing in their own Optimist Dinghy where kids learn how to go round a race course with kids of similar ability where the main focus is on enjoyment. If kids want to do more racing they move from Green Fleet into club racing.

What does it cost?

In-Term Sailing

To participate in the in-term junior learn to sail program at Hunters Hill Sailing Club, all sailors must become a Member of the club. The annual club membership fee is $530 (inc. GST) for a Youth Sailor and this also requires a parent/guardian to join either as non-sailing adult at $130 (inc. GST) or an Adult Sailor at $530 (inc. GST). Just one parent/guardian is required per family however additional non-sailing adults in the same family are encouraged to also join the club for no fee charge. Once the program has commenced the club will not be able to refund the membership fee in the event that the sailor is unable to participate for the full year. As an accredited sport, you can use a NSW Govt Active Kids Voucher ($100) for the membership charge.
Included in the membership fee is in-term Learn2Sail classes on Sundays throughout the school terms, entry into the club racing program (when at a skill level where they are able to participate safely), coaching in the RaceFleet program once graduated from Learn2Sail and member discounted registration to the all-day holiday camps that run during the NSW school holidays.

Holiday Camps

 We hold all day, week long camps in each of the school holiday periods.  You don't need to be a Member of the Club to sign up for these Camps, though Members do receive a discount!!  Our camps for 2022/23 are as follows:

July 3-7 2023

September 25-29 2023

December 11-15* and 18-22 2023

January 15-19 2024

* This camp is a "Teens & Tweens" Camp only, as primary schools will still be in session this week!

The sailors get an intensive block of Learn2Sail classes, along with experiencing sailing in other boats, learning more about the Harbour and being involved in dry land activities. These camps, which are fully supervised and are offered to both members and non members in a holiday 'camp' format, with drop offs from 8:30am for a 9am start, and pick ups from 5pm through to 5:30pm each day. And if you live over the bay in Balmain or neighbouring suburbs, we have a morning pick up and afternoon drop off service from the Elliot Street Wharf - the legendary "Balmain Bus"!! 

The action doesn’t stop once the sailors know how to sail, with a summer Multi-Craft fun camp in January where boats from Optis to foiling cats and super-maxis are explored!!!

Registration costs vary depending on the length of the camp, and are set out in each camp registration link via the Events tab of the website. Once the program has commenced the club will not be able to refund the course fee in the event that the sailor is unable to participate for the full camp.

Who should I contact to register for our Learn2Sail program or to find out more?

The HHSC Sailing Committee organises the Learn2Sail Program and answers any questions parents/guardians might have. Please feel free to contact Club Learn2Sail Leader Sylvie on  learn2sail@huntershillsailingclub.org.au for further information.



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