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Hunters Hill Sailing Club offers courses and opportunities for all skill levels from beginners to the experienced sailor. The club actively encourages participation and is committed to passing on the skills needed to sail a boat as well as the sportsmanship that goes with it.

We have an option to suit everyone when it comes to learning to love of sailing. Whether you are after a short learn to sail experience or a longer learn to sail course, the team of qualified instructors can help.  It is even easier to get into sailing at Hunters Hill Sailing Club. With very little cost or commitment, members can enjoy the marvels of sailing. 

For our youngest sailors aged 7-10 years of age, we have a free  “Try Sailing” program to try out sailing for fun before you take the plunge and join our Club and its' Learn2Sail Programs.  Most spring and summer months we have 18 slots available for a Sunday course of Try-Sail. Once you’ve had a go, at no expense at all, if you’d like to carry on we would welcome you to the Club as a member (with mum or dad as a member too) and you will join in with a small group of sailors just like you, learning the skills and gaining experience to ensure a life time of sailing adventures. You can register for this free sailing experience on our Events  page - noting that places are limited each month!! The full range of Try Sailing Programs is here  https://www.huntershillsailingclub.org.au/events/list/

Our Camps are very popular (pro tip - get in early as they sell out quickly upon release!!), offering a full day, full week of sailing adventures lead by motivated accredited instructors, all of whom are current competitive sailors representing HHSC in local, State, National and International events. Our dates for 2023/24 are as follows:

  • July 3-7 2023

    September 25-29 2023

    December 11-15* and 18-22 2023

    January 15-19 2024

    * This camp is a "Teens & Tweens" Camp only, as primary schools will still be in session this week!

Our philosophy around teaching sailing is that every sailor learns at a different rate and in a different way - we don’t pass you along to the next level of learning until we are sure you are “full to the brim” of the correct techniques, experience and skills!!  And, because your in-term sailing lessons are included in your annual membership, it doesn’t cost you any more if things take a little bit longer to click, or if you are a “natural” and you proceed through the lessons at a faster clip.  

You can see our full schedule of eventson the "Events" tab of the website.





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