Info for Kids

Info for Kids

Sailing at Hunters Hill Sailing Club is all about having a great time with other kids, playing loads of games and going on adventures  while you learn how to sail together. There isn't a court, a pitch or an oval like other sports, instead you have a beach, a couple of rivers and all of the beautiful Sydney harbour to explore. Our Instructors and Assistant Instructors are there to teach you how to sail and make sure you are having loads fun at the same time!

When you start sailing at Hunters Hill Sailing Club you will be with a group of kids  and get the chance to have fun together. Along the way, as you fill your sailing experience and skills bucket up to overflowing, you’ll get some cool Hunters Hill Sailing Club gear! 

Your Learn to Sail Checklist!!

Here is what you need to bring with every time you go sailing at Hunters Hill Sailing Club:

• Clothes & Shoes - wear ones you don't mind getting wet and will keep you warm on cold days - a wetsuit is a great idea!
• A change of clothes and shoes.
• Towel
• Drink bottle, lunch and snacks.
• Hat - to keep you warm and protect you from the sun.
• Sunscreen
• ...and loads of energy!


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