A Brief History

Records tell of an approach to Hunters Hill Council in March 1961 seeking their support to build a Sailing Club at the end of Angelo Street. The club was to focus on “instructing and encouraging junior members and for this reason liquor is not to be on the premises”. We are indebted to one B.G. Lloyd whose faithful record of proceedings throughout that year and for many years to come give us a good idea of the Club’s early development. 

By November 1961 the Committee had agreed on a name – Hunter’s Hill Junior Sailing Club and an article was published in the Gladesville Weekly Times. Next, 3000 ‘roneoed’ dodgers (flyers today) were distributed to every letterbox in the community and on Tuesday November 28th 1961 a Public Meeting was held at the RSL Hall Hunters Hill; 80 people pledged their support. A committee was elected and the Sailing Club was officially inaugurated. The architect’s estimate for building a Clubhouse was £4,500.

Initially the club was based at Onions Point at the mouth of the Lane Cove River, but moved to its present site in 1971. Extensive voluntary work over the next decade saw the fitting out of the ground level boat storage facility. In 1985, a major fundraising effort allowed the Club to undertake the construction of the upper level.

In 1996, the new deck was built with State Government assistance, and two brand new rescue boats were purchased with members’ funds. 2010 saw the acquisition of a start boat through member funds, and investment in a canopy over the deck with assistance from the Federal Government Community Development Grant program. 

In 2012, through the generosity of members past and present, the community, Hunters Hill Council and NSW Maritime, the pontoon was completed. 

Finally, in 2017 with the support of a Federal Government “Better Communities” Grant, a new dishwasher, and other Club equipment was upgraded. 

The Club is presently engaged in collecting, sorting and capturing historical materials, including photographs, interviews and memorabilia – please reach out via the contacts page and we will be in touch.


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