Boat Storage

Boat Storage

Storage for boats is available in the Club in accordance with the conditions of the HHSC Boat Storage Agreement and is coordinated by the Boathouse Registrar. 

Club membership does not guarantee the right to boat storage and it may be necessary for a member to register on a waiting list pending a space becoming available. Allocation of racks is based upon regular use and contribution to the Club. For the larger sized classes, sailors who are training during the week and racing on Sundays will tend to be favoured with lower racks where possible.  Inactive boats that do not sail regularly throughout the season will be stored on higher racks and may be removed to reduce waiting lists.

Boat Type Cost per Season (inc GST)
Optimist $TBA
Other Boats (Note 29ers and Nacra 15's to be stored outside in the cage) $TBA
Sailboards $TBA

View the HHSC Boat Storage agreement below.

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