Rostered Role & Duties

Duty Officer Role & Club Set Up

There will be one Duty Officer for each session.

The role of this Officer is below -

SetUp - with the assistant of 1 or 2 others

  • Arrive 30 minutes before first sailors

  • Open roller shutter

  • Get a hand held radio;

  • Layout club barriers, signs, cones;

  • Layout bins

  • attend to tidy up life jackets and wet suits 

  • sweep shed with push along sweeper

  • if setting up on a Sunday morning arrange for parents to inflate coloured race marks and organise black crate race tackle to be set up onto the pontoon

  • set up 2 hoses with nozzles at the ramp hose outlets

  • monitor the club for any rubbish 

  • assist general members of the public to keep clear of sailing boats on the ramp or in the rigging area;

  • Assist coaches and instructors with and lane based requests;

  • greet learn2sail parents and children - request help from idle parent to perform the above duties.

  • Be aware of the schedule of learn2sail classes and assist coaches and instructors keep to the organised times and schedule Balmain Bus Operation - more details please contact the commodore

  • Arrange for RIB Launch team to launch RIB or retrieve RIB from Woolwich Marina;

Set up 1

Set up 2

During Activity - 1 person

  • manage access to Club Boatshed. 

  • Monitor the safety radio on-shore & assist with any launch/retrieval;

  • Keep trolleys and hose reel clear of public access walkway;

  • Ensure the club is not accessed by non members;.

  • Attend to any injured or unwell sailor returning to shore;

Handover to incoming Duty Officer

  • Briefing of equipment in use;

  • Briefing of any issues during the session or expected issues for the next session;

Pack Up duties - Duty Officer and 1-2 assistants

  • Activity to be completed within 30 minutes after last sailor off the water;

  • Return radio to charger in office;

  • Collect all cones and signs and return to shed;

  • Assist coach to return all marks and tackle to mark zone in shed.  Orange crates are for training Tackle (no anchor) and Black crates for race tackle (anchor);

  • Clear rubbish bins and empty in large URM bin at front of club;

  • Store RIB in Marina

    • No marks in RIB and No rubbish left behind

    • Minimum 3 mooring lines and buffers to secure RiB and prevent wear of Rib against Marina.

  • If required, supervise RIB retrieval team (3 team members) to collect RiBS 

  • Turn off club water

  • Hoses hung in shed

  • Lock shed

  • Lock cage

  • Lock Fuel cabinet

  • Bollards locked

  • Sanitise hands before leaving club

  • CHECK UPSTAIRS to make sure Front door,Balcony Doors, Office Door and Stairway doors are securely LOCKED.

  • Report and issues to or 0412218675 or to your Class Secretary who is resonsible for logging with HHSC Sailing Operations Whats App.

RIB Launch/Retrieval Team - 3 team members - Supervised by Duty Officer

RiB Launch team


Arrive at HHSC and locate RIB crew


Remove bollards


Pull RIBs out of shed (min 3 people)

Safety Check


Connect fuel cell to rib & Prime engine & CLEAR ENGINE START

Safety Check


Check Sponsons Pressure - Inflate from the rear first as required


On board Safety Check - using HHSC checklist


Install bungs


Do not lift trailer onto tow bar - wind only

Safety Check


Check tow ball , Attach safety chain

Safety Check


Pre load Mark Tackle (if required)


Launch RIBs off Woolwich Marina/Cockatoo Island ramp

Safety Check


Radio Check by skipper to HHSC base


Return trailers to grassed area in front of chain fence

RiB Retrieval Team


Arrive at HHSC and Standby (timing depends on racing and cancellations)


Hitch trailers from grassed area in front of chain fence

Safety Check


Check tow ball , Attach safety chain

Safety Check


Retreive RIBs off Woolwich Marina/Cockatoo Island ramp

Safety Check


Skipper dismounts from RiB safely on the ramp. No towing RiB with skipper.

Safety Check


Remove bungs


Fresh water boat wash down and CLEAR ENGINE & engine flush at HHSC (use hose attachment not ear muffs - do not turn engine on)

Safety Check


Remove rubbish, Marks & Tackle


Stow fuel cells and lock fuel cabinet


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